Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Makeup: There is such a thing as too much

Lately I can't help but notice all the women running around sweating in the heat of the summer with a full face of makeup on. Do they really think foundation running off their faces makes them look more attractive?

I used to be into makeup. It was bred into me. Once you hit twelfth grade you could not enter a shul on shabbat without a full face of makeup on or your shidduch would be ruined. Once you graduated high school You could not leave the house for fear that someone would spot you and word would get out that you did not "take care of yourself". I wasn't really happy with foundation and layers of base, but I gave into my mothers exhortations and wore the eye shadow, blush and lipstick. After all, if I went to college without it, I was doomed to a life of singledom.

That was until I started dating my husband. I admit that I had been falling off the makeup bandwagon at the time, but I was still applying the blush or the eyeshadow. One day I must have entirely forgotten and he commented that I looked nicer than usual. I wondered what was different until I realized I had forotten the excessive makeup. I took a little poll of guys I know and it turns out NONE OF THEM liked the googy globbed makeup popular with girls in hte shidduch scene. The "ruin your shidduch" myth is because the shadchan wants to see the makeup, she assumes the guy wants it.

Think about it ladies, if someone approached you with enough maeup on to paint your house wouldn't you wonder what she was hiding under there? Sometimes a little subtelty goes a long way. A nice natural look lets them know you took some time to prepre for the date but are confident in your looks. It'd pleasanter, more apropriate for work, easier to maintain and will make you look wa more atractive.


  1. I wear SO MUCH LESS makeup than I used to. I'm 43 and I think I look better with just a little of everything. And I could never manage to wear mascara without it running, so that's one fewer thing to worry about.

    When I went to my cousin's wedding recently I noticed that most of the wedding party were wearing what I consider much too much makeup-- professionally applied, I'm sure. Of course, they probably needed it for the pictures. But they didn't really look like themselves.

  2. I dont think a girl showing up shabbos morning with out makeup on her face is bad for shidduchim. It would seem to me that its just a sign of a girl who's skin doesn't hold makeup on very well.

    And if it, good thing I never go to shul! ;-)

  3. Something Different, you make a good point. It SHOULD be that way. Unfortunately these days in some areas it is more acceptable to show up with makeup that has clearly been applied on shabbat than to show up with none at all.

  4. Sorry if I sound like a snot head, but thats just wrong. I'll adhere to halacha, good for shidduchim or bad.