Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spruce up birthdays with cupcakes!

Tired of brithday cake? Want to take your birthdays to the next level? I for one wanted to try making something a little more special out of cake, but was not ready to decorate and sculpt a giant cake. I also did not have the proper (super expenssive) equipment. That's when I discovered Hello, Cupcake! by Karen Tack. It gave me simple instructions to make adorable cupcake creations with supplies I al ready had in the house. The book does call for some non kosher candies but you can easily replace those for a kosher variety. And with a little creativity you ca go beyond the bok and make cupcake designs of your own.

These things are super impressive. If your having one of those wars with your sister in law over who can seem like the best happy home maker and impress your mother in law, this will guarantee you the win. (Although I do not have a sister-in-law I still enjoy the book. I like cake!) It's like becoming Martha Stewart, minus the insider trading and divorce. Here are the cupcakes I have made so far to the delight of my family. (Never tell them how easy it is).

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