Friday, July 3, 2009

Date Night at Clearview

When you are and your spouse both have jobs it's hard to find time to spend together. A weekly date night is a common solution, but it's tough to find the discipline to keep that time reserved and some weeks we just plain forget about it. That is, until we instituted Tuesday movie night at Clearview. Why Clearview? Because its free. That's right, you heard correctly - free.

Here's the deal, Optimum has a deal where users get a card that enables them to get two free tickets to any movie at a Clearview theater. After the first two tickets the rest are heavily discounted. Now, we don't have Optimum service... but my sister does, and she lives in Brooklyn. There isn't a Clearview in sight in brooklyn. Her card was just festering away in a drawer until I saw it and she agreed to swap it for a coupon to old navy. Ask your family and friends. You may just find an unused optimum card amongst them.

The upper east side is also a great place to use your free movie. Why? Jersey clearviews: packed on tuesday nights with optimum users. Chelsea clearview: packed on tuesday nights with optimum  users. 62nd street clearview: spacious and roomy with few optimum users. This is Time Warner Cable territory. The only people here are the ones who are coming in from elsewhere. We stroll in five minutes before our movie, get tickets and find prime seats still available.

Date night is now an established routine. It's known that it will be tuesday. We hate to miss it because it's free and you can throw in something fun like ice cream or dinner because the movie isn't costing you anything. Long live clearview.

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