Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shabbat Menu Planning

I love lists. They make me feel organized and there's nothing like checking off an item from your to-do list. Every thursday I make my cooking for shabbat list to plan my thursday/friday cooking. I have found that I get the best, least hectic results when I leave work on thursday with list in hand and hit the ground running. I also try to be a little ambitious on thursday because I know I can always pick up the slack on Friday. (I may have cheated and made stuffed cabbage last night. I had a head of cabbage, a box of currants and a pound of ground meat. Really, the decision was practically made for me).

You may be wondering why my husband isn't cooking. The truth is he's a great cook and on short fridays, or busy weekends I often draft him into helping. But otherwise I am pretty territorial. He knows I like my kitchen to myself. Plus it's a tiny kitchen and he's tall. There isn't enough room in there for the two of us!

Here's what this week is looking like right now: Feel free to request recipes.

Friday Night:
Kibbe Hamdah (Syrian minty stew with meatballs)- Thursday night
Rice for kibbeh hamdah - Friday afternoon
Stuffed cabbage - all ready done
Apple muffins - Friday afternoon
Angel Hair Pasta salad - Thursday night
Sweet potato - Friday afternoon
Cherry pie - Thursday night (hopefully)

Shabbat Lunch: (Special challenge since there will be a vegetarian at the table)
Mushroom Puffs - Thursday night
Sushi - prepare rice on thursday night, roll on friday.
Apple muffins - Friday afternoon
Lahmagine - all ready made just need defrosting
Ceasar salad - croutons all ready made, rest made on saturday morning
angel hair pasta salad - Thursday Night
Fruit - being brought by guests

But first the most essential step: Creating the grocery list!

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